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Online Classes

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Want to learn how to make your own party favors? Want to start your own party favor business? Need extra income? 

If you want to learn a new skill for your own events, if you want to start a business or maybe you just want extra income...? Then start with booking this class. Skip the trail and error stage and get straight to business. This class will come with a vendor list of where I buy my supplies from, what supplies I use and what works best for me. 

Classes take place online via zoom and are 3hrs long. Once complete you will receive a video recording of your session so you can refer back to it.  


Key Notes:

1. You Must Have Your Own Computer and you will have to download photoshop. Photoshop isn't a free app. Photoshop Subscription isn't included with class. 

2. Once ordered is place you will receive an email in 24-72hrs with available dates to schedule your class along with all the information you will need to get started. Please submit the correct email address. Don't assume your class will take place the same week you place your order. 

3. Patience is key when learning.

4. You must have basic computer knowledge and must be able to follow directions. This class will teach you how to use Photoshop to make custom favors. 

5. You're paying for my knowledge and unique styles of making custom favors.

Are you excited to begin your session because we are and can't wait to meet and teach you what we know.